Terms of Use

General provisions

These terms of use apply to all users of Manageopedia of a publication by Michael P. Hofmann AG (MPH for short). The current terms of use can be found at .

By using the offers, you declare that you have read and understood these terms of use and accept them. Any ineffectiveness of individual provisions has no influence on the remaining effectiveness of the contract and these terms of use.

The general terms and conditions of the MPH can be found at In the event of a contradiction between these terms of use and the general Terms and Conditions take precedence over these Terms of Use.

The MPH reserves the right to cancel a subscription at any time or to refuse to extend the subscription term.

Certain offers / products are subject to special terms of use, to which the corresponding offers / products expressly point out. If there is a contradiction between these terms of use and the special terms of use, the special terms of use take precedence over these terms of use.

Persons from the European Union may only use the offers / products if they are at least 16 years old or if their parents have given their consent.

Data protection

You can find information on data protection in our data protection regulations at .

Intellectual property rights

All documents available on Manageopedia such as texts, leaflets, templates or checklists as well as the brands, names, logos, images, graphics, designs and other elements used belong to the MPH, partner companies or authorized third parties and are legally protected.

The (full or partial) reproduction, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of these brands, names, logos, images, graphics, designs, texts and other elements for public or commercial purposes is without prior written consent of the MPH is prohibited.

You may view, print and copy the contents of Manageopedia, provided that you use them for personal and non-commercial use.

Content and advertising

The editorial content and newsletters from Manageopedia are created by experts. The MPH is based on the journalism code of the Swiss Press Council. The editorial staff is responsible for the procurement, selection and preparation of the information.

For funding, the MPH places advertising in these publications and sends newsletters to registered users, which may include advertising as a side effect. The advertising is optically separated from the editorial content and is clearly recognizable as an advertising message. Partners and advertisers also have the opportunity to sponsor individual content. The sponsored articles are also marked accordingly.

h3> Disclaimer

The MPH takes due care to ensure that the content of all publications is correct at the time of publication. However, it cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the content. Any liability for material or non-material damage caused by the use or non-use of information from products is also excluded. The MPH is guilty of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

The MPH can add, modify or delete content at any time without prior notice.

The MPH uses the customary care to provide its recommendations and advice (including additional documents such as leaflets, templates, links to third parties) in a technically correct and timely manner. The advice is based exclusively on the description of your facts. The MPH can therefore give no guarantee with regard to completeness and correctness and with regard to compliance with any deadlines.

In particular, the MPH is not liable for the timely delivery and / or the timely receipt of email messages.

If the MPH establishes contacts with its partner, it assumes no liability for their advice.

To expand the range of information on the digital offers of Manageopedia there are also links to information offers from third parties. The MPH has no influence on the content and design of these linked websites; these are outside the area of ​​responsibility. If you click on such links, you leave Manageopedia's digital platforms and use the websites of third parties at your own risk. The MPH declines all liability for the content and operation of linked sites.

The MPH assumes no liability for data loss and delayed delivery of emails and documents, as well as for errors that are not within its area of ​​responsibility.

The digital offers may temporarily not be available or may only be available to a limited extent due to maintenance work or other reasons. The MPH is not liable for the temporary unavailability of its digital offers, the failure of some or all functions and for malfunctions.

The MPH is not liable for unsolicited manuscripts, photos, illustrations and electronic data carriers and is not obliged to keep them.


The MPH reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time. If the changes are significant, they will be brought to the customer's attention by notifying them at a suitable location.

Subsequent changes to the terms of use are deemed to have been approved by the customer if they do not contradict the new terms of use in writing within 14 days of becoming aware of the changed terms of use.

By continuing to use an offer or product, the customer accepts the applicable terms of use.

Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Rapperswil (seat of the MPH) or the Swiss place of residence of the customer. Swiss law applies.

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